Mercedes-Benz A45 V1R30 (1.37)

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Fixed sound

trzpro, yellow1441


11 thoughts on “Mercedes-Benz A45 V1R30 (1.37)

  1. leonpeonleon

    Please remove the turkish plates. We already have them as default in-game.

  2. JGaming HD

    Hd video 1.37…

  3. Remove Turkish licence plates!
    Türk plakalarını çıkarın!

    1. Somebody....

      Fck off xD, you think you are a God to tell him what he must do? #### loser xD

      1. Hello “Somebody…”, my requests (or do you think they are demands?) do not mean I am God. I am telling him to remove the plates because TURKEY IS IN THE GAME and I see no reason why PLAYERS ARE FORCED to have Turkish plates instead of their own, SCS ones.

  4. Polis telsizli fix.. :

  5. WorldMods

    video HD

  6. mewinkingston

    A-Class W177 please

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