Mercedes-Benz Actros MP1 v2.5


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– Its sounds(two variants)
– LightMask
– Animated wipers
– A variant of the lattice and the bumper (plastic, paint)
– All its engines (nameplates attached to the motor)
– Tweaked residence that there was no conflict with MP2,
– registration in the company (agency orders)
– registration in the gallery
– Tuning: Navigator, spoiler, skirts, the ability to install additional lights and horns without laytbara, curtains, towels, rooms for every taste, the bed.
– Full support for Cabin Accessories DLC

Changes in update
Updated some files
Updated registration
Adapted for patch 1.23

Author: Olexiy Іlkіv, Phantom94, adaptation vovangt4


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12 thoughts on “Mercedes-Benz Actros MP1 v2.5

  1. HenriqueSantos

    My image, see others images and follow me 🙂[email protected]/25896820485/

  2. Game crash whend i chose back tire!

  3. sanwlaram

    SORRY fOR Inconvece Upper Comment
    So Here New review 1080P

  4. Ok how many times same truck will be uploaded?

  5. Stop stealing mods!

  6. Pannickus

    hi, this is a very good mod but, i will make a own skin for my virtual spedition, but there is anyway a template. can anyone help me please 😀


  7. Coolwater Temp not function

  8. Really great mod but there’s a problem after monday’s update there is no sound of truck if you can fix it it will be great. Greetings!

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