Mercedes Benz Actros MP4 V6 & V8 Sound


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This is a Mercedes Benz Actros MP4 V6 and V8 Sound Mod. It Works for the SCS MB Actros and Has 2 Different Types of Sounds For V8 and L6 Engines.

Author: Yafet Rasta.Jr


12 thoughts on “Mercedes Benz Actros MP4 V6 & V8 Sound

  1. Why make a V8 sound for MP4???
    The MP4 have only 6 cylinders engine’s type
    OM 473, 15.6L
    OM 471, 12.8L
    OM 470, 10.7L
    OM 936, 7.7L

    If you’re in a simulator games, try to be just a little realistic…

    1. R.JProductions

      I Was Gonna Add Real V8 Engine for it, Sorry for That, But MP4 Has a V8 Sound Thou.

    2. Yeah, that’s bad.. I also feel bad then i see v8 sound for DAF e6, MB e6 or volvo e6

      1. ScaniaFan89

        Actually the DAF Euro 6 V8 sound mod is really nice, its the stock sound boosted!

        1. Tremonia1974

          DAF Euro have not a V8 engine lol. The Actros also no V8

  2. For real?… As he already said, the V6 and V8 engines died with the MP3, it’s only inline in the MP4.

    Welcome in Need for Euro Truck… Or Euro Truck Speed.

    What ever.

  3. Raz0rMind

    Very Nice, Yafet. Im very proud that you are in my Company.

    1. R.JProductions

      Thanks Mate

  4. Honestly, the sounds aren’t that bad, but the sample is way too looped. Sounds very artificial. Also, sorry to break your bubble, but MP4 has no V8’s or V6’s. But I’m sure a lot here have already said it.

    It’s too bad. I’m really wanting a new sound for the MP4.

  5. Isn’t a Mercedes supposed to be quiet and luxurious?

  6. Christian Ahmling

    Why that click sound when changing gear ?
    That is not in an MP4

  7. people.are.retarded

    pls show me one real V8 mp4

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