Mercedes Benz Atron 2324

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Various chassis
Own sound
Own interior
Tested 1.27
Many engines
Many gearboxes

Credits Souza SG

Souza SG


4 thoughts on “Mercedes Benz Atron 2324

  1. Detail is seriously lacking for the truck. Author seems pretty lazy on not putting any crucial details for botht he outside and inside of the truck.

    1. Renato Portugal Felippe

      These guy makes a join between 2 or 3 3d models. He takes the cabin from the atron modeled by moraes3d, the chassis i don’t know and the interior from another atron, but a payd one by Gustavo Wallace. Put the ones that I wrote above on google and you will see the original ones.

  2. Christian

    kkkkk chupa Souza SG só os BRs mesmo que se contentam com seus lixos kkkkkkkkkkkk e os preguiçosos ainda pq até os q estão aprendendo são mais caprichosos do que voce seu vacilã1 mete o loko e pega os creditos de todo mundo chupaaaa mané.

  3. alguem fala pra esse retardado parar de fazer mods, puta que pariu


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