Mercedes Benz C32AMG/C320

Car Specs :
+ All gallery you can buy it ( Man , İveco , Scania , Daf , Renault , Volvo )
+ Works versions 1.26 ,1.27 ,1.28 ,1.30
+ AO Render
+ Lightmask
+ 2 chassis ( C32 AMG & C320 Elegance
+ 2 Engine ( V6 Kompressor AMG & C320 Engine )
+ 2 İnterior ( AMG & Elegance )
+ 2 Rims ( Elegance & AMG )
+ Cabin Accesories DLC
Mod producer : Hamza07502534
Car Model : Gta San Andreas (SGDesign)
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Have Fun…..



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26 thoughts on “Mercedes Benz C32AMG/C320

  1. The it’s All dealer.. ###….

  2. Automobile Freak YT

    hd test video of both at….

  3. HD test video 1.30

  4. great! a merc, fantastic work, keep it coming. rate 10/10

  5. mercedes_fan

    please make mercedes ml or gl thanks

  6. jorgent97

    Hd video 1.30…

  7. AzoraxModdingGaming

    HD Test Video 1080p:

  8. FoxOnTheBox

    Nice mod, the rear view mirror needs fixing though.

    HD Video tested on 1.30

    1. AndreiCsucs



    1. Yea plss we want Mercedes E320 pls mann 😀

  10. Hi,
    good Job, can you make it standalone, compatible with other car’s and fixed Mirror’s.

  11. How barbaric! Any car mod appears, even if it is not finished, and there are hundreds of videos pages desperate to display it. At least finish the Mod. Set the speed indicator, fix the mirrors, put a computer on board, and some animation. It would also be nice to be compatible with other mods, but I do not want to ask for something impossible. This mod may be worth to be exhibited, but not to download it

  12. Truck driver

    Next Mercedes e63 350 ???

  13. Please make a the GMC Syclone and GMC Typhoon.

  14. Mercedes lover


  15. tell me please how to add a navigator in the BMW e30, can anyone eat who can? Or will prompt?

  16. Polishman

    Where is e class??

  17. vw golf mk3 with realistic interior please

  18. ModsReactor

    Doesnt work at 1.27/1.28 my game crashes

  19. Nice mod!!! Can u Made A45 AMG plz ???

  20. 1.31 fixlada kardeşim bu araci seviyorum lutfen guncelle ve ya fixin at cavab yazarsan sevnirim yakin vakitde bekliyorum
    Diger audi a4 aracinida lutfen bu araci seven cok malesef 1.31 calişmir

  21. Please 1.31 fix

  22. 1.31 fix please Updates…

  23. 1.31 Updates please

  24. Classified

    Update to 1.37 please

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