Mercedes Benz Germany Squad Skin

Germany Squad (1) Germany Squad (3) Germany Squad (2)

First I created a skin, please do not criticize much) .In the future improvements will be based on your opinions and personal beliefs.
Skin for Mercedes-BENZ Actros Germany national football team 1.0. A more correct reflection of the back label when used with a spoiler on the cab kryshe.Sozdan for football fans, fans of national team or for those who are just interested in the topic.
Test version: 1.19.x

Author: Vyatych


One thought on “Mercedes Benz Germany Squad Skin

  1. Maximka.L

    …First I created a skin, please….
    Hey, man, don’t worry about this skin, I think it is very good work (especially for the first skin), not perfect, but good (as I think, of course).
    Textures are not bad too, I think, you should slightly move up this white emblem (on the door).
    So… This is my opinion. Good luck.

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