Mercedes Benz Jetbus v0.5


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New Update from Mercedes Benz Jetbus v0.5
ready for 1.24.x & 1.23x

This bus you can buy at Mercedes Truck Dealer

– Add Better Turbo Sounds
– Template Included
– New Better Lights
– Fix Exterior Wiper

Muhammad Husni, Markus Mods Garage


11 Responses to Mercedes Benz Jetbus v0.5

  1. KillerMan says:

    Nice Work! đŸ™‚

  2. Acacio says:

    Please put the driver on the left.

    • Anonymouse says:

      If you want that stupid feature, get the Mercedes Travego

  3. k says:

    ad yg baru ya ?

  4. dutchpay says:

    pls left

  5. Felipe says:

    Take a Passangers?

  6. Radman26 says:

    Don’t make it LHD, it’s really annoying how all the others are left hand drive. This one is really good. Does it still mess up the sat nav background? I guess I’ll find out

  7. Muhammad Rivaldi says:

    please update to versi 1.27.x

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