Mercedes Benz LP-331


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Good evening.

This mod has been tested on versions 1:18 and 1:22 of the ETS2, it worked very well.

I hope you enjoy.

Modeling: John Baptist (JbArtMods)

jbArtMods (João Batista)


9 thoughts on “Mercedes Benz LP-331

  1. Metaltom68

    Dont Work @

    1. JoaoBatista

      try to run on 64-bit ETS2

  2. can you convert this beautiful mod to ats please ?

  3. My game crashes every time i try to go into a merc dealer. So this mod is a bust for me.

    1. ScaniaFan89

      Yep same here, clearly doesn’t work!

  4. Don’t work keeps crashing every time you try to go to the Mercedes dealer

  5. Don’t work too. Even in 64 bit

  6. Junio birmingham uk

    for me work perfectly . amazing mod valew JB faz um 113 bem real pa nois vlw

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