Mercedes Benz MP2 Concept


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Mercedes Benz MP2 Concept Truck
Version 1.16.x
Find in Mercedes Dealer

Elaman,Тёма Воробьёв


14 thoughts on “Mercedes Benz MP2 Concept

  1. alternatif link ?

  2. graphic mod ??

  3. Это Mercedes-benz Actros SpaceMAX а не MP2!!!

  4. nice truck works very well could do with some addons bull bar light bar ect

    1. hi how did you install this mod where did you put the files as there not scs.files? thanks

      1. just change it .scs

        1. i just tried it and it didn’t work :{ i have a file that say def and a file that says vehicle and they have loads of files in for upgrades head lights etc. i twond find it in game when i try edit to add the mod.

          1. highlight both folders and right click on the mouse while both folders are highlighted and add them to archive using winar5 and name it to what ever you want call it and just make sure you put .SCS at the end and it will combined both folders to .SCS

  5. Can someone tell me which map is that shown in the video?Please?

  6. VelesM198

    Nice truck. But there is a problem. Every time you make a sharp turn, which is every time you drive in a city, trailer gets damaged. Trailer hookup point on the chassis is too close to the cab, so trailer hits the cab while making a turn. Please fix.

  7. Trailer link?

  8. please make scs file and uploas?
    scs file from other :!2p1UDYCB!hw5CNuA55Iql00AtEIhKcGDcuP4q8BsyOfkCz1nH1yA
    Credits: Elaman,Тёма Воробьёв

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