Mercedes Benz MP4 8×4 chassis


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8×4 chassis variant for the new scs MP4.
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Kai’s Modding


14 Responses to Mercedes Benz MP4 8×4 chassis

  1. Rui says:

    Great work, you should make a Renault Magnum 8×4 version like this Mercedes.

  2. TruckingLover says:

    I made a video of this mod if you want to watch.

  3. Kenny says:

    The fifth-wheel plate is positioned incorrectly and the rear lightmask has an issue. The fenders don’t look nice. Can you make it in plastic and/or truck paint?

  4. TruckingLover says:

    I reuploaded the video sorry for the problems..

  5. Radu says:

    this is a real presentation video,not 1280×1024:

  6. lambo603 says:

    Can you make 1 with lifting middle steering axle?

  7. Adolf95 says:

    Where do I buy this truck? It seems that this truck wasn’t available in dealers

    • vel800 says:

      This modification adds to the credit default chassis 8×4 tractor MP4. You can buy a Mercedes dealer.

  8. vel800 says:

    Many thanks for the excellent work! For a long time I prefer chassis 8×4 and hoping that someone – or whether to create a New MB 4. It turned out great!

  9. Zoneguard says:

    I need more engines with more horsepower.
    I.e. 750hp, 850hp and 950hp.
    Can you please include them?

  10. Adrian Ganriel says:

    I get this error when i select the chassis:

  11. password says:

    Can you make it compatible with 1.22.

  12. password says:

    can you make it compatible with 1.22

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