Mercedes Benz MP4 CMI Beige Brown Interior

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-Works with all cabs.
-Exterior/Interior view.
-2 Steering wheels.
-Option to chose from 2 variants.
-Tested on 1.34 !
*Standalone. Now Works with MP4 by Schumi!

SCS, Carmichael


7 thoughts on “Mercedes Benz MP4 CMI Beige Brown Interior

  1. sehr schönes Mod,

    1. “schöne”

      1. “schöner”

        1. Mod = Modifikation

          Also “schöne”!!!!

  2. JGamingHD

    Hd video 1.36…

  3. Carmichael

    These were not uploaded by me. They are old mods in need of an update. But whoever did at least kept my download link so that’s fine.

  4. jayontheway228

    I present to you the top 10 interiors in 2020 I hope you enjoyed it. do not forget to subscribe =)

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