Scania S&R CMI Brown & Beige Interior

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-Works with S and R version.
-Exterior/Interior view.
-Several steering wheels to chose from.
-2 variants, one with no exterior view and one with.
-Tested on 1.36 !
Credits: SCS, Carmichael

SCS, Carmichael


14 thoughts on “Scania S&R CMI Brown & Beige Interior

  1. prima, das ist doch mal echt super

  2. Ultrabald

    My gosh, this interior is gorgeous. Well done Carmichael !

  3. JGamingHD

    Hd video 1.36…

  4. IDdiciotto

    It is compatible with the reworked Scania from Eugene?

  5. red beige interior scania 2016 to be updated ??

    1. Carmichael

      All of these to be updated after RJL Interior for Scania comes out.

  6. Carmichael

    These were not uploaded by me. They are old mods in need of an update. But whoever did at least kept my download link so that’s fine.

    1. Hey how to put them into the game?

  7. jayontheway228

    I present to you the top 10 interiors in 2020 I hope you enjoyed it. do not forget to subscribe =)

  8. i dont have sound whit this

  9. Еманоил

    на мен не ми показва scs файл в папката.Защо

  10. -Update for 1.37?
    thanks in advance

  11. Thibault Bertrand

    link dead

  12. Ferrari_2092

    Dead link

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