Mercedes Benz-New Tourismo 16 for 1.48

Mercedes Benz-New Tourismo 16 for 1.48

Have fun.

Hakan Dürzü (Tam zamanlı Meşhur o.ç. yarı zamanlı fahişe,çeyrek zamanlı IT uzmanı,)


7 thoughts on “Mercedes Benz-New Tourismo 16 for 1.48

  1. Totenham

    hangi dosyayı mod klasörüne atacağız

  2. Nekompatibilní s 1,48.

    1. check the Manifest.sii file and modify the line: compatible_versions[]: “1.48.*”
      if it’s not 1.48 then put that in, and save it. The mod works.

  3. abi scs yap

  4. 1.Open mod folder
    2.Open manifest.sii file
    3.Switch to “compatible_versions[]: “1.48.*”

  5. For some reason this bus, on every ETS version, has FPS drops on a cycle basis. The bus is beautiful and works amazing, however, every 5 minutes or so, there are massive FPS drops for no reason.
    Anyone else having this kind of issue and, eventually a solution?

    Thanks in advance.

  6. i need help pls

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