Mercedes Benz New Tourismo 2020 1.46.x

Features of the Mod:
3. Wiper and warning assistant (side guard) added.
Added Digital Tacho.
Added 3 normal color options. (Metallic – Normal – Matte)
Cockpit skins were made adjustable options.
Steering wheel covers were made adjustable options.
Skin support has been added to the seats.
Seat covers were made adjustable options.
Added reversing camera.
Added engine sound and retader as a 2nd sound.
The front fog lights are slotted in two colors. (Yellow and White Zeno)
The headlights have been updated and the lens model has been installed.
The taillights have been replaced.
Added rear window sliding led sign. (You can also make your own, there are 2 templates, long or short text)
The overall FPS rate of the mod has been improved.

Project Owner: OyunyusBisMods
Model : Yağız Bakırcı
Game Convert : Artin Kazanciyan
Fmod : Krichbaum, Evr, Max2712
Skinpack Company Coatings: Doğancan Öztürk, Burak Bıkmaz, Arda Sağlam.
Console Cockpit and Stop Edit : Artin Kazanciyan
1.44 Game Transfer and Edit: Detbit


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