Mercedes Benz O403 Dealer Fix & Retarder Sound 1.31

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Mercedes-Benz O403 is fixed for version 1.31.

– Retarder sound fixed
– Kamil Koç skin injected
– Skin Names fixed

You can purchase this bus from all of the dealers.

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5 Responses to Mercedes Benz O403 Dealer Fix & Retarder Sound 1.31

  1. Unknow says:

    I don’t know why you are doing a fix mod for a mod who was done 2 years ago..

    • deTbiT says:

      Because this bus is a legend for Turkish people and there are a lot of people wants to drive this bus in v1.31 too..

  2. medo says:

    dears please can you remove or move down the wipers from interior, to be best appearance from interior of bus

    • deTbiT says:

      I’m not the author of the bus, just fixing some things to run in new version. Maybe I can fix the sun flare problem on front glass but i won’t edit any part of this bus. Respect.

  3. Medo says:

    thanks a lot, this mod is one of best mods good job

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