Mercedes Benz O403 Dealer Fix & Retarder Sound 1.31

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Mercedes-Benz O403 is fixed for version 1.31.

– Retarder sound fixed
– Kamil Koç skin injected
– Skin Names fixed

You can purchase this bus from all of the dealers.

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5 thoughts on “Mercedes Benz O403 Dealer Fix & Retarder Sound 1.31

  1. I don’t know why you are doing a fix mod for a mod who was done 2 years ago..

    1. Because this bus is a legend for Turkish people and there are a lot of people wants to drive this bus in v1.31 too..

  2. dears please can you remove or move down the wipers from interior, to be best appearance from interior of bus

    1. I’m not the author of the bus, just fixing some things to run in new version. Maybe I can fix the sun flare problem on front glass but i won’t edit any part of this bus. Respect.

  3. thanks a lot, this mod is one of best mods good job

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