Mercedes Benz SLS AMG v1.0 1.27.x

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Warning: This mod, for who want to drive car in euro truck simulator. Rest of them don’t have to use it.

Hologram / Heads-up Display (what you want to say) and interior lights works with warning lights key. Default “O”

* 3+1 Interior option
* Reverse gear camera
* RPM bar on way-computer
* Special way-computer
* Special Sounds
* Support for cabin accessories
* Folding mirrors
* Interior light for each cabin
* Distanced throttle, brake pedal,start/stop button, flasher and the other animations
* Editable paintjob
* Rebuilded physics[normal]

Edit, Convert, Physics, Animations, Accessories etc. others — [blue]Furkan ŞEVKE (furkansevke)[normal]
Materials — Kadir YAĞIZ (I am very thankful for many things to him)
Sounds — Çağrı Can DAYSALILAR

Contact: [email protected]

Furkan Şevke (furkansevke)


27 thoughts on “Mercedes Benz SLS AMG v1.0 1.27.x

  1. Ankit Sen

    which dealer is it

    1. furkansevke


  2. PolishDriverTruck

    HD Video Test 1.27…

  3. The game crashes when entering the Mercedes dealership.

  4. Truckbaehr

    Vorsicht VIRUS !!!

    1. furkansevke

      proof ?

    2. I checked twice. Nod32 and kaspersky there is no virus

  5. jspence73

    When are you going to update your BMW X6 mod again I really liked that car so much 😀

    1. furkansevke

      Probably bmw will not update again.

  6. H.o.

  7. It’s awesome. Perfect physics, perfect quality. Wonderful thabk you so much 🙂

  8. With all due respect, what the #### link is that?
    It sends to endless ads and the actual link is nowhere. Just use the usual click generating things, not this weird ####, please.

    Now I’m gonna have to search the web for a different link than yours.

    1. It´s a wonderful car, but is not compatible with others mods cars (skoda, audi a 8 by diablo…) . What a pity!!

      1. furkansevke

        you have wrong dude. It never conflicts with other mods. It also improves them. Because my physics better than others

        1. Adrian G.

          Glad to have such a masterpiece from Mercedes – Benz adapted by you, it feels, it sounds, it looks and roars perfect, you’ve also added functional tuning extras, that revolving panel is a beautiful gesture, it shows the car’s true essence, that from Mercedes – Benz.

          One question though, could it be converted to the 1.26 version of the game ? Because PM team hasn’t added their comp. patch for ETS 2 1.27, as soon as they do, I’m upgrading the game too.

          I’m eager to take this baby for a spin, but don’t want to lose the joy of driving on perfect European roads, not just that vanilla stuff.

          Excellent work, high marks. Thank you.

  9. Levi - PilotVTC

    Guys the original download is a VIRUS+Ads!
    After looking in the site details, i found the link with no Ads!
    Here is the original download!

    ENJOY :D!

  10. Is it working on Version 1.26 ?

    1. Adrian G.

      At the moment, no, in the mods manager says, unsupported mod, so if you can wait patiently for the author’s adaption to the lesser 1.26 patch, it would be great, I hope the author listens to us all, not all of us decided to upgrade to the 1.27 patch, because of Promods map restrictions for the current game version, when ready, they will release a comp. patch and then you can enjoy the full roads of Europe instead of that vanilla stuff.

      Patience is a virtue, my friend.

  11. Adrian G.

    P.S. PM team released that patch today I think, didn’t know that, so maybe you can slowly upgrade to 1.27 if you want to, the car should work there fine now.

    Happy driving.

  12. ### so nice bro, but i need it for 1.26 can you change that or is this to dificult ?

  13. ### so nice bro, but i need it for 1.26 can you change that or is this to dificult ?.

  14. Furkansevke

    Guys sorry for bad refferal link. I will delete this link.

    Second issue. This mod for just 1.27.x . I can not make this for other versions. Thank you for understanding

    1. Adrian G.

      Of course, got the upgrade yesterday, will test my new baby tomorrow. Thank you for explaining us, sorry for pressing, it was a limited time possibility, but now completely trivial.

      Maybe you could make a functional Renault Clio 2016, same level of details perhaps ?

      Very nice to see your projects, past and present in action.

  15. Adrian G.

    After a couple of days of driving this baby, I found out that the panoramic rear view mirror doesn’t deploy with the transparent surface on the right side of the cabin, it should be deployed with the glass visible instead of the attaching plastic backwards, this way realism and proper field of rear vision are greatly reduced. Please fix the rear view mirror in the future. This baby is outstanding, faster than anything else I’ve tried so far.

    Thank you in advance.

  16. KirikouJR

    Hello Furkan Şevke (furkansevke) sa already a month that I put your mod Mercedes SLS AMG and since I play ETS2 no car mod rivals the one then I wanted to ask you if you could make another car mod And I think about the Mercedes S-Class 2017

  17. Its very annoying since you have to be level 29 in order to buy the car…

  18. Franz Meersdonk

    Pls update to latest Its not compatible now.

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