Mercedes Benz Sprinter 2009 Short

YouTube preview

– interior rework
– new pysichs
– reduce moves in interior
– realistic mirror
– reworked dashboard (high quality)
– reworked transsmison (5-6 gears realistic)
– work in any old versions
– new sound


Version 6.3
– Apdated to 1.30
– Own interior
– Table interior (DLC Required)
– Cabin Accessories
– Mettalic Color
– Skinable
– New Wheel
– New Engines
– New Gear Box
– New Sound

Working in all versions of the game also 1.30x (scania next GEN version)

KLOLO901, Dragonmodz, Szajbus71, Stino , [email protected], DmaianSVW, Diablo,RobertDRN


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12 thoughts on “Mercedes Benz Sprinter 2009 Short

  1. jorgent97

    Hd video 1.30…

  2. Why you are repeting the same mod ? It’s just an upload to your old version ( from patch 1.18 or i don’t know ! ) i think that you are laying about the reworked things
    The gear ration is horrible ( 160 km/h is the top speed because the rpm hits the limiter)
    There is no trip computer
    There is no chassie options
    The radio in the middle of the dashboard looks like it’s a picture that has been stuck there and not an hd moddeled

    Fix this problems then say that this is an uptadate

  3. Automobile Freak YT

    HD test video at…. ->

  4. Well all in all it works good. I love the handling but it’s really annoying that the rim of the back wheel is showing out and is too wide… It uses the “Standard” option at the repair shop so you can’t change it… Also the screens or whatever you call them between the speedometer and the RPM meter isn’t showing anything, the arrow that should show how much fuel you have doesn’t work as well… The headlights are terrible as you see just a bit of light when the camera is right in front of the car. I like the mod and will use it but please fix these issues.

  5. Tipo, they continually repeat the same mods, with very small variations, so that we are watching their #### videos again and again. Even to check that nothing has changed we have to see the video first. They do business with advertisements that force us to see every time we enter their pages and when we watch the videos.

    1. EDSOr you are right

  6. Nice mod, can u made peugeot 207 plz

  7. Blxck-Astro78

    Can anyone help me, i have installed the mod and i activated it, but i cant find it in the dealership?

  8. >Blxck-Astro78
    Open Sprinter file with zip or rar and go to def\vehicle\truck_dealer\mercedes\ and open mercedes_0.sii file with some text redactor (notepad or notepad ++) then before vehicle: .tdealer.mercedes_0 string on the top of the file insert:
    and at the bottom of the file insert one more:
    Save and that’ s actually all.

  9. p.s. don’ t forget to to the same in “truck_dealer_uk”.

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