Mercedes-Benz Travego 15 – Efe Tur Skin (45ZG500)

Compatible with Mercedes-Benz Travego 15-17 SHD 2006 2008 fashion
It is a custom made coating
The company has its own signboard on the glass surface.
Tried in version 1.40 and works fine

Skin Maker:Cuneyt Arif (ByCunoCan)


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4 thoughts on “Mercedes-Benz Travego 15 – Efe Tur Skin (45ZG500)

  1. Plaka 41 olaydı iyiydi 🙂

    1. Cuneyt Arif (ByCunoCan)

      Yaparım Kardeşim

    1. Cüneyt Arif (ByCunoCan)

      I would be very happy to shoot a video of my work 🙂

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