Mercedes Benz Update Pack


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In Pack Includes:
– Mercedes Benz LPS1632:
update for version patch 1.14.x;
bug and lags optimized.
– Mercedes Benz 1840:
update for version patch 1.14.x;
Interior change.
– Mercedes Benz 1844:
update for version patch 1.14.x;
interior change;
bug and lags optimizade(interior and exterior)



4 Responses to Mercedes Benz Update Pack

  1. Alex40 says:

    Mercedes Benz Update Pack HD Video

  2. Mike says:

    This is fake. CrysS did nothing. No change compared with the original version.

  3. kosta says:

    did work on 1.13

  4. ShuqGrind says:

    Awesome,Stas556 and dmitry68,keep up your good works!
    I can say all of your mods are number 1 among all the mods because it really look REALISTIC.Btw,I’ve got my suggestion for both of about a Ford CLT9000 Cabover truck mod? Nobody had done that truck
    before,so it will be great if it included in ETS2.

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