Mercedes-Benz X167 GLS-Class V1.1 1.42


– Updated to game version 1.42
– Slightly tweaked brakes
– Adjusted gear shifts based on RPM

Mod is Multiplayer Convoy ready!

*Also works on 1.40 and 1.41*


– 2 rims (Stock & AMG Line)
– Openable Front Windows
– Wipers work accurately
– Indicator & Wiper stalk animation
– Can be attached with a compatible trailer (Caravan included as a standard offering)
– Realistic engine & transmission configuration (even the 0-100, 0-200 & 0-250 kmph timings are very close compared to the real-life counterpart)
– Best in class physics when compared to other SUVs mods
– High-quality exterior & interior

*To achieve the top speed, slot the car into the 6th gear*

Q: Where to purchase it?:
A: Truck Dealers > Access Mod Dealer > Mercedes-Benz


DN Modding, Nimit


15 thoughts on “Mercedes-Benz X167 GLS-Class V1.1 1.42

  1. Hello. Why when I paste the mod and then play the game, I can’t play convoy because it says that I cannot join a Convoy with any mods installed? I am on 1.41 version

    1. Its only working on 1.42 ^^

  2. Altair (アルタイル)

    Will this get additional tuning/accessory upgrades?

    1. Maybe yes in the next version.

  3. Vedanth Hande

    1.41 version does not support mods in convoy, but I guess in version 1.42, it works. We have to disable all mods in v1.41 to access convoy.

    1. Sorry I was not clear in the description. The mod works in game version 1.40 to 1.42. You can only use this mod in multiplayer convoy on 1.42.

  4. Nimit can you and your guys rework and update your mod for Volvo XC90, good potensial there 🙂

  5. can you upload on steam workshop?

  6. Andrey Gruev

    BG 4k Video Review with a steering wheel G29!!!!

  7. volvo xc90

  8. funmaker 3

    please do Mercedes ML 350 (2013)
    It is the car i am driving and there are no mods for this beautiful car

  9. Abdülhakim

    Hello !! Bro do u have a creat my favorite car mod Mercedes Benz w203 C320 with hight graphic pls !!! I want it so much 😭

  10. Hello.

    I got a problem.I paste the rar in the mod folder,open the game,activate the mod and when I go to truck dealers,it doesn’t show up.Any help please

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