Mercedes Longline Alone

Mercedes Longline Alone

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Mercedes Longline Alone Truck
New Truck, New cab.
Tested of version 1.18

Authors: SCS, MichaelW


34 thoughts on “Mercedes Longline Alone



    1. So Funny ! strange

  2. ###, please delete this mod. This is horrible.

  3. HORRIBLE !!!!!

  4. so ein unrealistischer MÜLL !!!!!!

  5. Это чё за ужас!!!

  6. Alien Truck

  7. hahahaha ### !!!!

  8. ExperimentalTrucker

    “ooooohhhhh mmmmyyyyyy” (quoting Mr. Sulu from Star Trek)

    Hey, why not? I will give this mod a try…..

  9. That garbage that ####!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You will learn to make mod

  10. unrealistisch den gibts nich , deswegen find ich ihn hässlich

  11. Ragnar_Modding

    please kill it, befor it get baby´s

  12. MrPhilipp

    Alter wer möchte den so etwas fahren, ist ja total abgefu***.

  13. Uggly af imo, waste of time making it

  14. ####!!!!!! ###!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. just plain ###### idea

  16. Melichov_SU

    Roswell. It was a long time ago , it was in 1947 , in the summer . Strange things began to happen , people began to notice the unidentified objects )XD

  17. WAT LOL

  18. Helldog7ks

    F****g alien somebody call Ripley 😀

  19. Faelandaea

    ROFL. Okay here’s the Alien. Where’s the Pred truck?

  20. Its a want-a-be Kenworth W900 Long. Lol!!

  21. Ridiculous

  22. Actros meets Kenworth Longline 😀


  23. wobblycaptain

    Lol Its like a big box on wheels but its like a big fat woman sometimes you just want to take a ride to see what its like lol

  24. Maximka.L

    what ?

  25. Nice! A bit too long but I like the idea a lot!
    Also, accessories would be nice

  26. Please call the garbage truck :'(

  27. If it would be any longer it would be a bus. 😀
    Funny looking truck, mate.

    *plays X-Files theme*

  28. hahahahahah gyááááááááááááááááá lol

  29. kill it with fire if that dont nuke if that ddont work twilight book bomb

  30. nice truck i would like it better with side skirt,highpipes , more lights slots.

  31. American Hard Trucker

    ####### love it! Keep it up & #### those no haters.

  32. American Hard Trucker

    I mean “Those haters”

    just make some windows on the side with a bed, tv, bathroom.:)

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