Mercedes Maybach S650 1.45x

– Updated to game version 1.45

-Fixed a glass glare issue
-Coatings are made of higher quality
-Improvements have been made to the coatings
-Dial quality has been improved
-Fixed bugs

-5 Different subfloor coverings
-5 Different seat covers
-5 Different cockpit coverings
-5 Different ceiling coverings
-5 Different steering wheel coverings
-2 Different shutter flashes
-2 Different glass flash lights
-2 Different Logo
-5 Different cabin lighting
-11 Different people
-2 Different bonnet
-6 Different neon lighting
-1 The roller shutter logo
-2 Different number plate
-2 Different smell animations
-Animated flag animation
-8 Different Wheels

–HQ Model
-HQ İnterior
–Real Sound
–Siren sound(N)
-Movable coffee table with right window

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10 thoughts on “Mercedes Maybach S650 1.45x

  1. Mod is not working , File is 0 mb.. what a shame

      1. best mod so far

  2. The link will be fixed.

    1. sağol reis sizden bi b8.5 makyajlı kasa passat bide 2022 fiorino bekliyoruz

  3. Finally this is what i’ve been waiting for, thanks.

  4. Great work! Will you please make a Rolls Royce Phantom/Ghost or a Bentley flying spur?

  5. What a great Mod! 10 out of 10

  6. Can you make a 1.46 version please?

  7. Strange sticks come out when you move the car Bug!

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