Mercedes MP4 + Interior v1.6.1


DANZ,Ch_Vitalik,Freedy J.,sky76,Kacak Yönetmelik,KaptaN_38


18 thoughts on “Mercedes MP4 + Interior v1.6.1

  1. This is the same MOD like Mercedes MPIV Multimod V1.

    🙁 Duplicate.

  2. RoyarieskafansBusTruckDrivingsimulator

    this is HOAX mod!! I use the mod MP IV final Version

    And Compatible with patch 1.6.1 and 1.4.12

    why must you Re-Upload this mod!!

  3. barns2010

    its about time that Volvo should be out

  4. Game crashes. 🙁

  5. bryan57440

    comment fais t-on pour telecharger sur ce site car je ne l’ai jamais utilier merci !

  6. KaptaN_38

    You can avail the same to be such an issue, it’s my turn mode, things like silly things, like when the person does not make a mod that’s not fair.!

  7. KaptaN_38

    write my name as the author, please do not make you mean, but do not respect the labor 🙁

    1. hi KaptaN_38, do you gona make a upgrade of your ” Full Tuning” mod, love it, its the most complete tuning mod I know and still using it

      best regards

    2. What do you mean? This mod does not work on 1.6.1

      1. Goofknocker

        Tuning Mod <3 Please update it!

  8. You’re even license plate changed for decency. By the way, no one can explain how to make the license plates have been playing, and not permanent?

  9. This mod does not work on 1.6.1

  10. locked mods are useless

  11. Yellofoxx

    I want to make my own TruckCompany-Skins for that truck. But this mod is closed. What can i do KaptaN_38? Do you have a Single Skin mod for that “thing” ? Otherwise i will delete this truck. I can’t understand why some people mean to lock some mods. No chance to create an own Skin. WHY????

    please tell me a solution kaptaN_38…

    Greets from germany

    1. DC studios

      Give me your email and I will send you an unlocked copy

  12. can anyone give me the mod for mercedes benz names s-mb1851 bcz for want of it my game not runs….

  13. hemen

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