Mercedes NG 1632 edit by Truckercharly

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If you have a Mercedes by Ekualizer in your Grarage with a 12 speed gearbox, you must sale out this truck, because this version has only 16 speed gearboxes.
Advanced coupling is supported.
Sound for the V8 engines is captured by an Mercedes SK/MK 1726 V6 natural aspiration. (no V8 sound in sight 🙁 )
Sound for all V10 and V12 engines is captured by an LPS 1632 original V10 OM 403 engine.

The 1632 badge is deleted, because it is only 1 (in words: ONE) configuration for this badge. Other badges are not possible
at this moment. This badge said: You have the 4×2 chassis with the OM 403. ALL other configurations need other badges. So i have
deleted this.

Not changed “error”: The 440 hp engine is in real in the NG not a V 12, but a turbocharged V8. I have not sound of V12 or V8,
so I tooked the new V10 sound for the powerfullst engine. If i got in anytime real V8 NG sound from the OM 442a or 422a.
The OM 404 was never built in the series NG, but in custom versions like heavy duty trucks. To get the sound of an real om 404
is almost impossible, because it was nuilt only in small numbers. It is not probably that any item exist yet. So I want to rebuilt,
the configuration, if i have the sound of an om 442, om 442a and om 422a. The search for real sound will be continued. The goal is
a NG with complete real sound for all possible engines. But it will take some time.

please dont reupload !
Author in GTS: Ventures87
Author chassis 6×4: Stels
Author table: Madster
Konwert ETS2: Sobral, Kirill73rus
Parts and Ekualizer skins: Ekualizer
Sound, Deutrans skins and adv-coupling by Truckercharly
Adding Cab DLC and Flag DLC: Truckercharly
Mirror NG 80 (SK) and fronthorn: Maksim Kokorin

Truckercharly, Stels, Ventures87, Ekualizer


19 thoughts on “Mercedes NG 1632 edit by Truckercharly

  1. PolishDriverTruck

    Nice mod…
    HD Video Test 1.28…

    1. JonTheVGNerd

      Its a nice mod… if it didn’t had so many errors to it.

  2. Ràcz Béla

    Fantastischer Mod! Ich habe ewigs aufs Update gewartet, und es hat sich gelohnt. Keine Probleme mehr mit der Luft und Öldruckanzeige, geiler Sound der noch nicht für jeden Motorentyp Perfekt ist , aber das wird sicher auch noch Überarbeitet. Optisch und Technisch sehr Detailgetreu nur das Türlogo fehlt noch. Ansonsten Super! Vielen Dank für die tolle Überarbeitung

    1. Truckercharly

      Wie ich schon sagte, da ich kein 3D-Designer bin kann ich nur Bestehendes kombinieren. Deshalb wird es von mir keine Badges geben. Wenn sie jemand anderes erstellt, umso besser.

  3. FoxOnTheBox

    Beautiful mod, very nicely done. I especially love the sounds! Lots of customisation options i’ll definatly be using this truck for a while. Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work!

    HD Video tested on 1.28

    1. Sadly, I beg to differ. The truck is riddled with WAY too many errors. Here it is:

    2. JonTheVGNerd

      The errors contain from this truck says otherwise:

  4. Waiting for Ford CLT 9000!

  5. ErdemOzturk

    ETS2 1.28 Tested HD Video …

  6. fullxpert

    на 1.27 идёт?кто проверял?

  7. Arthur Vince

    Next time give the Game version in the inscriptions.. it gives me sometimes a headache some people doesnt bothering to give us this vital info..

  8. Very good work! Many thanks!
    But the sounds are even better than good – they are excellent!!
    Maybe with next update there will be gear boxes with retarder?

    1. Truckercharly

      No, the NG was never build with retarder, so that he is also without it.

  9. Crashes with v 1.28 here, unfortunately

  10. bitte auf 1.28 Patchen danke

  11. Template not working with the model… To bad, as I was about to do some company skins 🙁

  12. Hi, ich wolte einen kleinen Bug melden. Die Scheibenwischer funktionieren nich so richtig. Das wasser wird weggeholt aber nicht da, wo sie wischen, sondern da wo standard-Scheibenwischer and anderen Trucks sind.

    Is so ziemlich das einzige was ich an dem mod falsches finden konnte, is 1A! 😀

  13. kann man den wieder auf 1.35 machen wäre echt nice

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