Mercedes Pack Light Plus Multiplayer Ready

Mercedes-Pack-Light-Plus-1 Mercedes-Pack-Light-Plus-2 Mercedes-Pack-Light-Plus-3

All changes in a single Mercedes MOD, available from level 0 of the game

Author: Mimmo_ITA™


2 thoughts on “Mercedes Pack Light Plus Multiplayer Ready

  1. KiLLer Modding

    hello, I like your mods and I want to tell you. I saw a lot of people using 2 roof-bars, 2 bull-bars, and 2 side skirt tuning

    1. Mimmo_ITA

      I saw it, but I made these especially mod them for use in multiplayer. you can put wanting 2 roof bar, but then problems arise with the slots lights .. why do not yet know very well the argument slots for small lights

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