Mercedes Setra 517 HDH V5 with Official Skin + Logo

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Working version: 1.31.xx to 1.32 patch file (ETS 2 mods )
DLC cabin accessories supported and real Mercedes logo Real Dashboard Mercedes Setra 517 HDH
Mercedes front Logo and Engle Eye Front light. neon front and Backlight fog light
real glass sticker

– HD texture Skin
– DLC Cabin Accessories
– Two staring
– Multiaxle
– Added -New Glass wipers.
– New Metallic Compatible with DLC.
– New Light Mask Added.
– Added -New Wheel Cover 1 unit.
– New Color Wheel Cover Added.
– New Skin Added 2 units.
– Added -New physics.
– New Steering Setra Added logo.
– Added -New cockpit.
– New Animation Added Indicator.
– New Led Added.
– New Glass Signs Added.
– New Sounds Added.



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7 thoughts on “Mercedes Setra 517 HDH V5 with Official Skin + Logo

  1. Vay Comodore vay gör şu rezilliği ne hale getirmişler

    1. This site is English and thus so should be your comment.

  2. Ramlalmali


  3. where to find it can’t find it in any dealers in ets 2 1.32

  4. Does not show in any dealers. Another waste of time.

    1. gertrucker

      I agree. I’m sure you can only find it in Turkish dealers.

  5. Please update to 1.34 and higher !!!

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