Mercedes Sprinter 1.18 with template V4


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Version 4.0:
Fixed Wipers
Fixed speed’o’meter
Fixed fuel gauge
added Solo Fracht Mod from Szajbus71 to the archive so you can deliver loads
Version 3.0:
Added beacon
P.S i am aware of other bugs will fix them asap
Version 2.0:
– Added GPS on interior and exterior
Version 1.0:
This version has the wheels updated to 1.18
Also in this version there is a template once you skinned the template replace in it in the following folder –> Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 1.18vehicletruckmercedes_benz_2009

Dragonmodz, Szajbus71, Stino , StockiMods, [email protected]


29 thoughts on “Mercedes Sprinter 1.18 with template V4

  1. Melichov_SU

    Mercedes Sprinter 313

    Original mod


    1. DragonModz

      This video has nothing to do with this van they look the same but the person released that one later than v1 of this van

      1. Melichov_SU


        It’s your mind, but there are facts and best options as it might be needed )
        To compare and verify to interested people
        You are not interested – pass)

        You always need to have to compare the quality , isn’t it?

    2. исправте спидометр пожалуйста я из россии для вас этор проблема???

  2. Still no outside wiper animation. Inside works fine

    1. Right side mirror turn indicator is on door. Left side works fine

      1. DragonModz

        Lucasi that is a bug with the node

  3. New lamps? lights?

  4. Kezamettin

    Maybe you could fix the gearbox from 3->4 and 4->5?

  5. It would great if you could add an On-board Computer to display Cruise Control, fuel, etc for the next version!. Can’t stop using this van haha

    1. уже есть версия с навигатором


      1. Nope. Both of you are confusing the GPS/Advisor with the Dashboard computer, as you and 54 said. I’m talking about the Dashboard display, the one that shows fuel, cruise control, brakes, fuel consumption, cruise control speed, etc. Reference:

  6. amoore100

    Does it work on 1.17x?

  7. Aravind141

    nice but trailer mod is not working…

    1. use the trailer that comes a jeep cherokee mod. the sprinter works with that trailer no hassle at all

  8. nportegies skins

    I am very happy with it, I can make a lot of skins match.
    Does only the engine sound terrible. Is like a tractor.
    The sound is too loud for a Mercedes Sprinter which you really should barely.

  9. 00:00:09.535 : Cylinder volume of ‘7600sp.mercedes.benz.engine’ engine should be higher than 6! It is set to 1.00.
    00:00:09.535 : Missing model animation: /vehicle/truck/mercedes_benz/interior/fuel_st.pma
    00:00:10.252 : [unit] File ‘/def/vehicle/f_tire/2.sii’, line 3:
    00:00:10.252 : [unit] The unit name ‘2.ftire’ is already taken by an existing unit (of type ‘accessory_wheel_data’).
    00:00:10.252 : load_unit() – Failed to load units from file (/def/vehicle/f_tire/2.sii)
    00:00:10.252 : [unit] File ‘/def/vehicle/r_tire/2.sii’, line 3:
    00:00:10.252 : [unit] The unit name ‘2.rtire’ is already taken by an existing unit (of type ‘accessory_wheel_data’).
    00:00:10.252 : load_unit() – Failed to load units from file (/def/vehicle/r_tire/2.sii)
    00:00:10.253 : [unit] File ‘/def/vehicle/f_rim/2.sii’, line 3:
    00:00:10.253 : [unit] The unit name ‘2.frim’ is already taken by an existing unit (of type ‘accessory_rim_data’).
    00:00:10.253 : load_unit() – Failed to load units from file (/def/vehicle/f_rim/2.sii)
    00:00:10.255 : [unit] File ‘/def/vehicle/r_rim/2.sii’, line 3:
    00:00:10.255 : [unit] The unit name ‘2.rrim’ is already taken by an existing unit (of type ‘accessory_rim_data’).
    00:00:10.255 : load_unit() – Failed to load units from file (/def/vehicle/r_rim/2.sii)

    Please change the volume in engine/7600sp.sii – 10.5
    Rename the tire and rims to the real names :


    accessory_wheel_data : sprint_f.ftire
    name: “Sprinter”
    price: 1000
    unlock: 1
    model: “/vehicle/wheel/sprinter/wheel.pmd”
    icon: “f_wheel_02”

    1. Please also add:
      Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 1.18.scs\vehicle\truck\mercedes_benz_2009\interior\model_18_model.mat

      material : “eut2.dif” {
      texture[0] : “/vehicle/truck/share/glass.tobj”
      texture_name[0] : “texture_base”
      diffuse : { 0.4 , 0.4 , 0.4 }
      specular : { 0.2 , 0.2 , 0.2 }
      shininess : 100
      add_ambient : 0
      aux[1] : { 0 , 0 }


  10. your a legend mate!! totally unreal. your one moder that actually takes notice of feedback from the players and repairs what needs repaired. top modder in my book. it may take you some time but you do in the end

  11. Excellent work! Now, we can drive it also on rainy days, because you fixed the wipers. Thank you for sharing and keep up the great and hard work.

    P.S. Thank you also to SOSO who fixed the errors in log file, so now, the only error it’s the “top_glass” (which can be fix only with blender / zmodeler, because you’ll need to add it there, at interior model, as “TOP_GLASS”[ ] locator!;)… )… Also, if you want to have more skins (as much as you like), as I said before, you can change the “color” with “eut2.truckpaint.airbrush.altuv”. ;)… Also, you can add the dashboard computer…
    So, now this one it’s an EXCELLENT non-truck mod and if you’ll add all those from above, you’ll have a PERFECT non-truck mod!;)… It’s just a challenge…
    Anyway, with or without those modifications, as I said before, you made an excellent non-truck mod! Thank you for sharing and keep up the great and hard work!

    1. @sunnoco

      Temporary you can fix the glass-error by removing the line:


      in: def\vehicle\truck\mercedes.benz\interior\( exclusive.sii) sprinter.sii ( have to rename it, messed up with org. MB Actros interior)

      If you rename it, don´t forget the data.sii! truckdealer(uk)/mercedes/mercedes_0.sii – interio r= sprinter.sii

      But now I get this on-top-level-error…

      1. Thank you Soso for your information. You’re so kind, but I already fixed this in blender. :)… Like in real life, only for my personal use, I added also a pretty brunette woman and a Dvd (animated – “.ogv”) inside of this wonderful van, jeep and bmw, because I hate to drive alone. Also, at the traffic lights I like to watch on my Korean preferred girls band on dvd!:)… As I said before, I like to drive only cars (here and in real life) and because I’m a legal counselor I can’t upload any of my mods without written permission of SCS Software, which I’m sure there will be no answer to my e-mails (and, from legal point, I don’t blame them for this, because like this they’re covered against any copyright law violation made by moders !;)…)… Sorry for that guys, but I can’t afford any mistake… Also, because of my profession, I like to respect all copyright laws! And, above the law, it’s also a common sense to respect owners works (even an idea!), because it’s their effort and time!;)… But many people from here (and not only) don’t understand and respect that!;)…
        I like so much to drive cars (in real life and now in this wonderful driving simulator) and I like to help people, so, I’ll always give for free my advices about car mods (if I know the answer, of course, because I am and I’ll always be a beginner in blender / make mods)…
        That’s why, I’ll start a topic on forum to all of them who are like me and wanna to talk about car mods (how to improve them, trailers for cars, passengers etc), but with one amendment: all my advices will be ONLY for your personal use! Respect the owners rights and NEVER share their work!;)… If I’ll see any of you who’ll don’t respect this amendment, then, I’ll stop to give any free advice to anyone!;)…
        So, from now on, I’ll talk and give any advice about car mods (with my modest experience in blender and if I know the answer, of course) ONLY on forum, because I don’t wanna upset the admin with my long comments and also I don’t have time to watch entire comments on every car / AI traffic mods. 😉
        Let’s call the topic something like this: “Talk and learn together ONLY about car / AI traffic mods”.
        If there are some of them who are interest in this kind of topic, you’ll “find” me only there with advices, from my modest experience. I’ll answer only there when I’ll have a little free time, but I like to make some time to help people.
        Once again, thank you Soso for your kindly advices and we’ll all meet on forum to talk about cars.

      2. Thank you Soso for your helpful tips. I already answered to you, but the answer still wait the moderation. So, once again, thank you so much for your tips and your kindness. I made a topic on forum, where all interest in cars mods can talk about them and from now on I’ll answer only there, because I don’t have time to check and answer to each mod.
        Good luck and drive safe especially in real life.

  12. tigre red

    sorry li potete fare 3 tipi wheels x il sprinter ,

  13. tigre red

    Sorry potete fare tre tipi wheels x il sprinter

  14. where i need to put Solo Fracht Mod from Szajbus71? where is this archiv?

  15. Breaks Mercedes dealership when mod is removed. game version 1.21

    I noticed that the wheels are still present in the upgrades store, and the vans name shows up at the Mercedes dealership upon loading which cause the game to crash.

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