Mercedes Sprinter 2015 v 1.7

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BUY IN Mercedes

known bugs:
-camera not set correctly in UK interior (can be easily changed with f4)
– dials not showing in UK interior

– automatic gear box now working
– added 4 skins/ DHL from Golden Modding and 3 from an unknown skinner
– fixed rear lights a bit


Azorax Modding, DamianSVW, SCS, Golden Modding


19 Responses to Mercedes Sprinter 2015 v 1.7

  1. Golden Modding says:

    So yeah if anyone want new skin for something then contact me on facebook!

    Having problems with the mod?? contact here!

  2. rocky says:

    wenn man fahren durch die scheibe schaut ist alles ziehmlich hell so das man kaum was sieht ansonsten sehr gut der wagen

  3. TORO says:

    BUY IN Mercedes

    Buying at Mercedes sounds nice. But not with the trucks.
    Much more likely to be set up on the scs Maps car dealer, as cars are not trucks and must be a separate category.

  4. Siebe says:

    Ey man great mod but i cant get fasterthan 40 km/h. Do you know what could be wrong?

    • SheerSquirrelTV says:

      Use a manual gearbox, the auto is most likely bugged and I presume that is what is causing the problem.

  5. Bogdan Gaming18Hd says:


  6. Robi26 says:

    I have a problem: My Mercedes jumps and I dont know how can I repair it

    • AzoraxModdingGaming says:

      thats a 1.33 beta bug not mod bug

    • gabriel will says:

      tambem to com o mesmo problema man se vc ou alguem conseguiu resolver ajuda ai

  7. scooterking says:

    There is a running computer missing
    so you can check how far you have driven and check their speed pilot

  8. Tunersx says:

    why this mod jumped in game? How I can repair it?

  9. TimGer says:

    The Van juped around in the game. How can i fix it?

  10. RaggeBiff says:

    Is there any template I can get to this van?

  11. Thomas-H says:

    Please repair the Physics of that Van. Its unuseable with the latest ETSbuilt.

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