TruckSim Map 1.32 for Patch 1.32.x (Stand: 15.11.2018)

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Hello dear TSM community.

First of all we would like to thank you for the support and encouragement of
thank you all on behalf of the entire team. Therefore we have also
to announce good news.

After some major difficulties with the last patch by the “random events” and other problems, we had to reinstall a patch and leave it out. Also the current patch presented us with some
Thought-provoking tasks regarding our map. In the end we had to with a heavy heart from some things. By the “new building” of the Basic map in Germany, our beloved Ruhr area unfortunately had to be to yield. Fortunately the Harz could be saved.

Likewise the complete Africa was sacrificed and is reduced to indeterminate Time also disappear from the map. Whether it comes back again and in which form, has not yet been decided. This decision had to be struck in such a way that the cargoes, especially from and to Egypt not flawless on the new freight market and cargo market could be adjusted.

Nonetheless, we hope that with this “slimmed down” map, you have as well as your joy, as before and there is also something new on the TSM to discover. What it is, you must explore yourself.

Changelog TSM:

• Exchange of Germany through the Basismap,
• Africa completely removed
• new content created in Germany
• Customization and bugfixes.

Here is the first Download link for our map. Other Links will follow tomorrow. And please don’t forget: only use our original Links. In this manner only we can continue our work as it is. Thanks for reading and have fun!

= = =


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22 thoughts on “TruckSim Map 1.32 for Patch 1.32.x (Stand: 15.11.2018)

  1. habe leider lilanes innenraum bei scania s und lila absätze bei mercedes ansonszen sehr gut geworden

  2. Trcuker123

    So we cant play it yet, correct?

    1. It works perfect for me

  3. FINALLY!+My+favorite+map+is+finally+updated!+In+my+opinion,+the+TruckSim+map+is+the+best+addon+for+ETS2:+no+lags,+no+fps+drops+(espacially+in+Spain+and+Portugal,+and+the+newest+Dresden+-+Schmilka+area),+and+first+of+all:+finally+we+have+a+quality+and+not+quantity+content+like+in+Eastern+Spain+or+southern+Slovenia.+(worst+parts+of+TSM+ever,+so+pls+improve+the+Ljubljana-+Fiume+(Rijeka)+road+in+the+balkans+pls!)+but+the+other+parts+are+very+good+especially+the+Dubrovnik+-+Tirana+road,+Greece,+and+the+Western+Spain+and+Portugal+area!+But..+i+very+missed+Northern+Africa+because+Algier+is+one+of+my+favorite+part+too,+and+this+is+the+reason+of+i+will+added+AfroMap+for+TSM+very+soon..

    1. ### it is real? Admin pls fix my comment! Thanks in advance!

  4. She’s the best map for ets2

  5. Kiedy zostanie wydana pelna mapa jak zawsze byla

  6. Ty for effort. I hope that Africa can be restored as well

  7. true, I’m adding myself,the best map for ETS2

  8. suuper habe mich troz abgeseckter karte tsm gefreut ,ist und bleibt einfach die beste karte danke euch ihr lieben :))

  9. I really wanted to go back to tsm the best map of ets2 thank you very much

  10. mikko koponen

    jihuu. cant wait to drive thru croatia to greese. Thnks tsm team.

  11. Ciao!!! Complimenti x la belle mappa e il lavoro svolto… Ma a me personalmente quando arrivo a destinazione in Grecia dopo aver consegnato senza problemi il semirimorchio… Vado x effettuare un altro lavoro.. nella mappa lavori mi crasca!

  12. Stephen Butler

    TSM was my favourite map, up to and including 6,6,2. It is with a heavy heart that I must announce that I will no longer be using the TSM map, because of the slimming down that the creators have had to go through, the blame for which I lay firmly at the feet of SCS. Why make the game SO moddable, so pliable that you can do almost anything to it, and then punish those creators by updating the game so regularly and making their hard work null and void almost from the off? It seems now to be an open game of cat & mouse between SCS and the modders, the result being that those who play the game are keeping sites like this happy and downloading gigabytes of new files practically every day.

    Come on, SCS, if you’re going to make the game moddable, MAKE IT MODDABLE and either leave it alone or stop making updates that screw the mods up. If you don’t, then knock it on the head and we’ll all play the same vanilla version of the game, with the same trucks and the same maps driving the same loads, until official mods (referred to as “DLC’s”) are released and bring in extra revenue (nothing’s ever free, is it?)

    Modders get their money through advertising and adware. You don’t think THEY do it for free, either, do you? That’s why, when you go to download a new engine for your Scania, you get a gif of some South Korean tranny giving a ######## to what looks like a jackhammer. When I tell my wife I’m downloading a map of Portugal, she’s starting not to believe me.

    Nothing is free anymore. Nothing comes from people’s generosity – it’s all an excuse to make money. Adware, adverts, sponsored links, refusal to access adblockers – it’s all about “paying your bills,” even though it’s obvious that either the bills are already paid or there’s no chance of ever making enough to pay the bills. If someone offers you their right hand for free, watch what their left hand is doing. It’s trying to make money.

    And so, why would I download a watered-down TSM map? With all due respect to the map’s creators, they have had to make huge creative decisions based on SCS’s attempts to stop them from modding the game. No more Africa, that’s 2,500 miles of map gone. I used to love that, driving through the sand. Thank you for the good times, TSM, and thank you for screwing all of that up, SCS. x

  13. Welcome! It would be nice if you would update the map to the game version Thank you very much and I am waiting for updates;)

  14. Work very good …Thanks so much¡¡¡¡

  15. Can you upload on other links such as Mega, GD, Mediafire or others because on the Sharemod, it cannot be continued if I delay downloading. or you can share it in several parts. Thank you…

  16. crashingbill001

    Since update 1.33, uncompatible 🙁

  17. heavygamer70

    deleted forever, since there is no more north africa, for me this map was once the best, now it’s a useless one, sorry guys.

    Depuis longtemps j’ai laissé TSM effectivement des mises à jour nul
    la meilleur carte est MARIO MAP c’est la carte du monde entier :
    Amérique du nord du sud et dans la nouvelle Amérique du centre
    Afrique, Japon, Russie, presque toute l’europe , vous trouvez aussi Cuba, le Canada etc…etc

    Depuis longtemps j’ai laissé TSM effectivement,
    la meilleure carte est MARIO MAP c’est la carte du monde entier:
    Amérique du nord e, Amérique du sud et dans la nouvelle Amérique du centre
    Afrique, Japon, Russie, presque toute ‘europe, vous trouvez aussi Cuba, le Canada etc… etc

    For a long time I’ve been leaving TSM
    the best map is MARIO MAP is the map of the world:
    North America, South America and New Central America
    Africa, Japan, Russia, almost all ‘europe, you also find Cuba, Canada etc … etc

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