Mercedes Sprinter 2019 | BETA 0.2 | KacperKWC

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Mercedes Sprinter 2019 | KacperKWC

Update – BETA 0.2 – Changes:
☆ Added front bumper with 5 different variants
☆ Added mirrors with 5 different variants
☆ Added door handles bumper with 5 different variants
☆ Chassis update ‘Standard 4×2’ and ‘Standard 4×4’ for better grip on the road
☆ Fixed random speeding up problems
☆ Fixed collisions
☆ Added icons in truck shop
☆ Fixed light flare in mirrors
☆ Added different colour paints

All mod authors:
☆ KacperKWC (Main mod and updates)
☆ DamianSVW (Sound)
☆ Trzpro and Gökhan Demirhan (Interior)

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☆ Facebook: KacperKWC –

Editing this modification is strictly prohibited.
I allow this modification to be shared only with the original link to the modification.

KacperKWC, DamianSVW, Trzpro, Gökhan Demirhan


24 thoughts on “Mercedes Sprinter 2019 | BETA 0.2 | KacperKWC

  1. PolishDriverTruck

    Video Test 1.36… 1.37…

    1. KacperKWC

      Thanks fot the mod test! 🙂

  2. SCS Software

    Can you optimize for low system computers? Thanks.

    1. KacperKWC

      Its already optimalised

  3. Template pls?

    1. KacperKWC

      Its included in the mod pack

      1. Seems like great mod, but I can’t figure out how to use the skin template, because I can’t put the edited dds file in the Mercedes_Sprinter_2019_BETA02.scs. The scs can’t be extracted properly

        1. Uups, my fault. It was actually the template file that was supposed to be modified to make skins. So far this seems like an excellent mod! I hope you will add accessory spots and paintable side skirts in future 🙂

  4. Costin Iascu

    Interior is from Mercedes 2018-2019 why all of you just paste this.REMAKE 2017 version please.

    1. KacperKWC

      Bro there is interior from 2k19 so what are you saying.?

  5. Bad interior.

    1. KacperKWC

      Find better one 😉

  6. bende texture hatasi veriyor aracin boyasi cikmiyor onun yerine texture hatasi var neden acaba geri donerseniz sevinirim

    1. KacperKWC

      That is because you have version 1.37, if you try on 1.36 it will work well ?

  7. Sketch_PL

    Ale sztosss, nigdy nie pobieram dostawczaków ale jak oglądnąłem test moda na yt to mnie rozwaliło. Polak potrafi xD

    1. KacperKWC

      Dokładnie 🙂

      1. Sketch_PL

        Pomyślisz nad zrobieniem Audi A8 D2? Daj znać bo czekam na ten samochód juz od roku xD

        1. KacperKWC

          Ja w samochody się nie bawię 😉

  8. the textures of the car, are notttt loading when I want to buy the car from dealer and the car is red without textures

    1. KacperKWC

      That is because you have version 1.37, if you try on 1.36 it will work well 🙂

  9. please, do the Fiat Ducato, same of reality and same fs19. If is possible crate a motorhome camper, Hymer BKlasse. Thanks

  10. KacperKWC

    Unfortunately I don’t make campers sorry.

  11. Can you add a wall in the backside of the interior camera?

    It´s a bit annoying watching the road behind :p

    1. KacperKWC

      In Beta 0.3 this will be fixed.

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