Mercedes Sprinter Long 2014 By Klolo901

Mercedes-Sprinter-Long-2014-3 Mercedes-Sprinter-Long-2014-2 Mercedes-Sprinter-Long-2014-1

Hello guys,
There is my Mercedes Sprinter Long 2014 i sharing you thi9s mod because I don’t use enymore.

– Lightmask –
– Metallic Colour –
– Own Template –
– Lots of Slots for tuning –
– Sound Pack By DamianSVW V1.0 –

*Do not edit the mod*
*You can share mod on other forums but keep orginal LINK*

•••Template Link ()•••


Authors: Klolo901, Damian SVW, DragonModz


4 thoughts on “Mercedes Sprinter Long 2014 By Klolo901

  1. Juist_Kevin

    Where you can add my own template?

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