Mercedes Sprinter Long 2015 v 0.2 BETA

Mercedes-Sprinter-Long-2015-1 Mercedes-Sprinter-Long-2015-2

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– Lightmask
– Interior
– Template
– Metallic
– Beacons
– Sign for hood
– Wheels

model + lightmask made by klolo901
export + template by dragonmodz


20 thoughts on “Mercedes Sprinter Long 2015 v 0.2 BETA

  1. Elitesquad Modz

    Best sprinter mod till now!!

  2. This mod is so much better than Diablos one and a lot of more details in the model

    1. Adamisch, I’m glad you voiced their opinions about my models for this or not intercede them too much, I understand that my models to you do not like them because they do not have so many details

      1. TheCrimsonFuckr

        Holy ####, someone on the internet that takes criticism properly instead of acting like a baby. Don’t stop. <3

      2. I must agree, that was a good way to accept the criticism from me.

    2. Adamish,you’re wrong, pal, mod Diablo is at least finished, and here, as usual, no registration plate, som bad beacons ….A tak zupełnie po Polsku,lipa w uj ,kolejny mod zupełnie nie skończony,jak zwykle…

      1. sure its not finished but that means it can be very much improved. Also the beacons are actually the most detailed version of that kind out in the community to no they aren´t ###### at all. Registation plate will come in the next version or when its finished which will, hopefully, be in the next 2 versions that are comming.

      2. Also I don´t see anywhere the Diablo model is AO baked nor have lightmask which this model has.

  3. Here’s a review about this mod watch it and you won’t regret it

  4. Why this mod crash my ets?

    1. DragonModz

      If you have any other Vans enabled please disable them

  5. Can somebody help me, this mod don’t run good. Somebody know what’s going on? I have uploaded a few other modifications maybe Other modifications are the problem?

  6. Which is the best engine?

  7. Matthijs de Goede

    Super but game crashes, can you make the wheels standalone? This is just annoying awesome mod but cant play with it

    1. DragonModz

      If you have any other Vans enabled please disable them

      1. Matthijs de Goede

        Even without any Mods enabled the game crashes

        1. DragonModz

          try buying from dealer not online if u are trying to buy from online if not try disabling then running profile then enabling

  8. Scooby123

    Please make a Iveco Daily 2005

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