Mercedes Sprinter with Template v 2.0

Mercedes Sprinter (1) Mercedes Sprinter (2)

Version 2.0:
– Added GPS on interior and exterior

For version 1.18

Authors: Dragonmodz, Stino, StockiMods, [email protected]


14 thoughts on “Mercedes Sprinter with Template v 2.0

  1. add a few colors to it and fix the texture of the interior

  2. Where is my name?

    1. DragonModz

      Because you dont deserve to be on there you didnt do anything to the van you just took someones work and published it as yours…. Thats called mod theft.

    2. Voila FicFic je te l’ai dit sa ne se fait pas.Les moddeurs on bien raison

      1. Alex, t’as rien à dire…

  3. You didn´t do anything to the mod, the bugs where still there

    1. DragonModz

      If you want to call my mods strange and terrible then dont do reviews on them

    2. Shogoon1984

      You say it’s horrible?
      Your drivingskills are horrible. The simulation isn’t a racinggame……..

  4. knight2000

    can someone fix the wipers on this van as its a great van 🙂

  5. Where is the GPS???

  6. Excellent work! Works very good in 1.18 and it’s a great “car”!;)… Great job with that GPS! Was nice if there was as an accessories, but works also like this!;)… Also, you’ll have a perfect “car” if you fix the following:
    1. bug (“mercedes_benz_2009/interior/model_18_model.mat”) – for light (just add the missing material);
    2. the wipers -> to wipe the rain (I think, that’s work only with Zmodeler; or, at least, I couldn’t change it for Jeep with Blender);
    3. if you’ll change in Blender / Zmodeler the color car -> to have as much skins as you like in “Paint truck” option;)… Just change it at your car color in “eut2.dif.spec.add.env.paint” (without quotes, of course!) and then add on materials “vehicle reflection”! ;)… If you like you can have also a metallic color, but this involve a little more work! ;)…
    Also, for your new project, if you want, you can add more accessories (girl, phone, beacons etc). And if you want to be a challenge for your new project, you can change your car in a passenger car transporter (maxi taxi) ;)… It’s just an idea!;)…
    Anyway, above all of this, it’s a great “car” and I like it so much. Now, I have in my garage also your model, along side Jeep Cherokee, Ford, Audi and 2 buses. ;)… Thank you so much for sharing and keep up the great and hard work.

    P.S. I almost forgot: works very good with TRAILER from Jeep Cherokee!;)…

  7. Michałek

    glass in the interior is too light and the speedometer is bad calibrated.Please fix it

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