Mercedes Travego SHD 15 Ultimate Final Fix

Mercedes-Travego-1 Mercedes-Travego-2 Mercedes-Travego-3

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– Interior Free Camera
– HD Skins
– Passenger Mode Fix
– 1 New Wheels
– Interior Laptop DDS Change
– Skins NO Password

Author: ByMetin44


12 thoughts on “Mercedes Travego SHD 15 Ultimate Final Fix

  1. oww perfect man fix thank you

  2. very good

  3. good

  4. Looks nice. However, can you actually transport passengers with it and get paid?

    1. bymetin44

      Yes passenger mod working

  5. dursun aydın

    iyi olmuş ama diyer dorselerin tekerleri görünmüyor her yerdede yolcu yok iklim de cok beyaz olmuş uyum salamamış


    how to play video inside buses? what video format ?

    1. bymetin44

      Video format OGV
      Yes passenger mod working

  7. Where to buy it?

  8. scania_dragon

    Tree-trunks with a bus. lol.
    Peoples, you releases mods, to that kind of mod the game don’t know the difference. A bus may be a nice job variation. But as long as the game doesn’t know the difference, this kind of mods are useless.

  9. David MP.

    Hola quisiera saber en cual concesionario puedo comprar saludos !

  10. lamtorogeng

    1. how to reset camera exterior fov to default? i feel not so comfortable with this fov.
    2. how to reset the sound to default MAN sound?

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