Mersedes NG1632 + Trailer v 2.0

Mersedes-NG-1632+Trailer-v-2.0-1 Mersedes-NG-1632+Trailer-v-2.0-2

– Standlone (You can buy it at Volvo Trucks dealer)
– AO textures
– Interior
– Few types of chassis
– Includes template
– Tuning

– Added own wheels
– New Camera
– Fixed minor bugs.
– Added Trailer

Works on 1.4.x – 1.9.x versions

Authors: Ventures87, Stels, kirill73rus​, Versetti, DESKPRO, Peerke145, ExclusiveUA


28 thoughts on “Mersedes NG1632 + Trailer v 2.0

  1. Does it works with soundmod for mercedes 1632?Great mod keep it like this!

    1. Yes 🙂

  2. Great mod!
    But if the GPS were optional then that would be even better.

  3. Hy All:) how to instal?:/ Help me please..

  4. ClassicDutchTrucker

    Very nice.

    Maybe you could add a few parts from the movie ”Auf Achse”? Like this:


  6. i will try it but when it has it’s own engine sound

  7. fix link please.. 404

  8. 00:01:50.456 : unknown token : ‘f’ at line 13
    00:01:50.456 : [material] ‘syntax error’ at line 13 in file ‘/vehicle/truck/mersedes_1632/lightmask.mat’.
    00:01:50.456 : [material] Error parsing material file ‘/vehicle/truck/mersedes_1632/lightmask.mat’.
    00:01:50.457 : [r_effect_man] Failed to create effect ‘eut2.dif.spec.add.env.indenv.paint’
    00:01:50.457 : [material] Can not create effect ‘eut2.dif.spec.add.env.indenv.paint’ – requested in material ‘/vehicle/truck/mersedes_1632/ng_3_cabb.mat’.
    00:01:50.457 : unknown token : ‘f’ at line 11
    00:01:50.457 : [material] ‘syntax error’ at line 11 in file ‘/vehicle/truck/mersedes_1632/ng_3_cabb.mat’.
    00:01:50.457 : [material] Error parsing material file ‘/vehicle/truck/mersedes_1632/ng_3_cabb.mat’.

  9. OK, but isn’t it a Mercedes??? at a Volvo dealership???
    Just sayin’, last time I downloaded this it wiped everything out of the Volvo dealer that I visited. Perhaps I mis-installed it I’m trying again.
    Cheers, and Drive fast. Take chances and stop for no one! Except for Blondes Brunettes and Red Heads

  10. How to install??

  11. very nice model, only 2 things i dislike:

    not real motor option
    not real gearbox option.

    the rest of the truck is real well made. cheers

    1. “really” well made XD

  12. If somebody can script ZF-5S-110GP gearbox and OM403 engine this NG1632 will be perfect 😉

    1. exactly

  13. Very nice truck but the new camera shows the truck too close!

  14. how do i install the rar there’s no scs file

    1. you have to unrar it dude…

      1. unrar where??

  15. jens de vlaeminc

    does it work on

    1. yes

  16. does not work on 1.7.0., game crashes…

  17. great model but still have some work to do:

    wipers and windshield dont work properly, shadows dont shown correctly, not real motor and gearbox specs and sounds like a new truck

  18. what does the trailer replace?

  19. no need to unrar! just rename the rar files like: filename.scs and drag and drop in mod folder

  20. …but! the trailer didnt appear in 1.9.6 version…help! this relly looks like fridge trailers seen in iran.

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