Miku Scania Combo Pack

Miku-Scania-Combo-Pack-1 Miku-Scania-Combo-Pack-2

Miku Skin for Scania Truck and Trailer

Author: fayee


10 thoughts on “Miku Scania Combo Pack

  1. nice skin… 😀

  2. DUDGH0418

    Excellent!!!!! XD

  3. I like, nice skin

  4. Breaker36

    does not work on 1.13

    1. im using 1.13 , no problem

  5. wow this cool!

  6. wonderful and harmonic color pastel!

  7. puffitheone

    Awesome combo…can you modify the trailer with mud flaps and lights…?

  8. [Miku]Teemo

    Please make the Volvo skins see miku 🙂

  9. Very nice,

    It possible to convert for Scania R RJL ?

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