Milk and More Combo Pack


Milk and More Skin for DAF Truck and Trailer

Authors: ben c, rob


10 Responses to Milk and More Combo Pack

  1. polkinghorne says:

    Great work there would be nice to see the rest of the trucks in dairy crest liverys plus would be nice also to see a tanker in there liverys

  2. Stuart Mackillop says:

    is the trailer a standalone?

  3. GkN says:

    Can you share the wheels of truck please?

  4. sandybucket says:

    i could do the tanker is someone wanted also the trailer replaces the 2axle trailers that have them cement slabs thing son them ive notices the link to the trailer hasnt been upload so heres the link to that and the wheels atm there privet

  5. Sib3rius says:

    Wheels are private.

  6. joshy says:

    is the truck included

  7. chris says:

    hi there im looking for someone who can make me a daf + trailer skin been looking everywhere hope someone can help thanks chris

    [email protected]

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