Mini Mirrors


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Small borderless mirrors

– Fully compatible and tested on 1.25
– Error-free

Rus_Mods, Neodammerung


5 thoughts on “Mini Mirrors

  1. Yeah nice Idea!

    Is it possible to Change the Position or to Show only one mini mirror?

    Have to test this mod as next.

    Thank you!

    1. Neodammerung

      Press F2 key a few times
      you’ll cycle between none, both, left only, right only, it’s hardcoded in the game 😉

      If you want to change the position, you’ll have to unpack the file and modify values in “hud_left.sii” and “hud_right.sii” files

  2. AshtheBarron

    Nice job, cool looking mirrors.

  3. Savonorola

    Works perfectly!

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