Mini skin pack “Trailer Jumbo”


Tested in version 1.11.x
Trailers are standalone

Trailer: Satan19900
Skin: Fred_be


10 thoughts on “Mini skin pack “Trailer Jumbo”

  1. willy1962

    Thanks Fred ,as always nice skins and new type of trailers .

    Just an idea : F1 teams pack or Le Mans 24 ?

    red bull is the first .

    1. Already exists but needs update to v1.9x(>) because (x,y) errors axis/axle messages… and update brands will be cool

  2. willy1962

    compatible with jazzycat packs ?

  3. Thanks fred nice work as always keep it up cheers.

  4. Yes compatible with all packs

    1. willy1962

      Thank you

  5. breizhdave

    avec quel type de marchandises les trouvent-on?

  6. C’est “Trailer Jumbo”

  7. Aren’t the wheels too big for this trailer?

    This is foto of satan trailer: (It seems have smaller wheels.)

    (Trailer – right down corner.)

  8. armaguedon 71

    very bad especially at the wheels sinking into the body of the semi due to inaccurate dimensions axles and with regard to the rear of the trailer I still looking lol so if that is what you pack presented you
    you abstain from things that swung its not even realistic! thank you

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