Mirror Cam All Truck (1.46)

It will function normally from 1.46
f_mirror cam and external point of view
daf.xf daf.xf_euro6 (slim mirror cam) uk
iveco.hiway uk
renault.magnum renault.premium f_mirrorCam CornerCam uk
renault.t (slim mirror cam) uk
man.tgx man.tgx_euro6 (slim mirror cam) uk
mercedes.actros mercedes.actros2014 (slim mirror cam) uk
Remove mercedes.actros2014 bracket
Scania (slim mirror cam) – mirror cams lower door frame like it is seen in real life (look for 2016)
scania.s_2016 scania.r_2016 (f_mirror on dash) uk
If the screen does not appear, After purchasing another [f_mirror],
You need to buy [f_mirror on dash].
mod scania.p_2016 scania.g_2016 (f_mirror pgrs)
scania.streamline scania.r uk
scania.streamline scania.r – fix mirror flip
Volvo(slim mirror cam)
volvo.fh16 volvo.fh16_2012 uk
mod reworked volvo.fh16_2012,2018 (f_mirror Reworked)
Side mirrors can be removed
Fix not being able to remove Iveco Daf mirror (option – no mirror)

scs, seogi


One thought on “Mirror Cam All Truck (1.46)

  1. works great, thank you
    just one little thing with the fov or the angle of the mirrors idk if that’s how it looks in real life but it feels so weird to see the reflection rotated like that, I asume it’s due the fov distance and reduced screen size but idk, just being picky it feels strange, I don’t feel exterior mirrors rotate the image that much, maybe it’s just me, again thank you very much, it works as intended.

    P.S. It would be great if the dash screen for the front mirror could be used to set a rear view camera for reverse and trailer coupling.

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