MMG Map New v 1.5

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You must have DLC East
Tested 1.12.1 version

Author: M.M.Gunawardana


23 Responses to MMG Map New v 1.5

  1. Boanda says:

    Works with ProMods?

  2. sergeant says:

    works with Reislord map 1.4 ?

  3. restu says:

    this is Demo ?

  4. zia azemira says:

    work with promods 1.7.1 and RusMap 1.3.5 ?

  5. fredy says:

    Excelent map, very small, but excelent. Thanks Mr.Gunawardana

  6. Why says:

    Why the map authors never gives other compatible maps? OR detailed information. Where is it located? size? Standalone?
    Really interesting…

  7. DarkXBlaze says:

    Can you make it fully compatible with Rusmap?

  8. Alex says:

    Thank you MigaraMadawa I been waiting for that map.

    • Alex says:

      Hello again MigaraMadawa can you please tell us which maps can be combined with your map?

      • MigaraMadawa says:

        Try TSM Map 5.1.1

        • Alex says:

          I have TSM 5.1.1 and RusMap 1.3.5 and it’s still crashing and when I tried to remove RusMap it crashed as well. What should I do?

  9. kevuk29 says:

    im using this rite now with trucksim map has not crashed yet

  10. Alex says:

    Really? I tried it with Trucksim 5.1.1 and it crashed right away

  11. rytasultras says:

    Absolutely unreal map.. Have you ever heard any thing about Lithuania? Road from Vilnius to Alytus (written Alvivus for no reason) only mountains and nothing other… Lithuania has no muountains…

    • Irfan says:

      I thought he was making a map of Serbia & Montenegro, Bosnia & Herzegovina, those balkan countries that are mountainous.

  12. HAKAN says:


    • etiv says:

      He can’t. This map isn’t going to work without DLC east because the roads in his map only connecting to the roads in the DLC area.

  13. HAKAN says:

    Haa oke then sorry

  14. nizar says:

    it’s not work with v1.13.1s

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