MMG Map v 2.0 DEMO

MMG-Map-v-2.0-DEMO-2 MMG-Map-v-2.0-DEMO-1

You must have DLC East
Tested versions: 1.13.3 and 1.12.1

Author: M.M.Gunawardana


15 thoughts on “MMG Map v 2.0 DEMO

    1. MigaraMadawa


  1. It´s compatible with TSM? 😀

    1. MigaraMadawa

      I Don’t Know.But You Can Try It And Tell me

      1. Terrible313

        on TSM map its only like 40% of the whol mmg map loaded, the left mountan clim i ther but the right site you can’t make it couse the raod is not compeet.

        1. MigaraMadawa

          Ok.I Will Try

  2. ExperimentalTrucker

    Hello. Test run #1 uploaded……

    I’ve only tried running this with the regular ETS2 map. Don’t know as yet if it’s compatible with TSM or Promods.

  3. Just watched the video for this map looks good hoe you don’t pt any of those ###### bridges in like the past maps and hope you make all citys and towns with real names I running promods and Russia so iam going download this map see if it works cheers

  4. If all the roads are concrete, when will be the truck are muddy? No needed more simple map.Motorway everywhere?I ordered bricks to my family house and the truck brought it.

  5. Ben2swaggy

    Few floating objects in map but very good man 🙂 maybe sort some stuff out that’s on the roads which shouldn’t be too difficult but really good clean map 🙂 maybe do some add ons but bit by bit at a time.

  6. Terrible313

    looks good, but i don’t like it, couse standard map +dlc it is looking perfect, but add tsm map 5.2 or rusmap1.3 and the game suts down, when activating the tsm+rusmap+mmg the the city’s have the name of the on you have bin copy them from and the mmg map is incompleet, i like to ask you, can you please look in to that, i really like to have that map whit all my others in 1 profile, can you, i know you doing good so fare, greeting good luck and keep up the nice work.

  7. Hello!
    MigaraMadawa, why so many versions of the map? Will it be previous big map implemented to this one? Or can you convert old version of map to new patch version?

  8. thx for sharing. I have some issues in ets2 v1.13.4.10s:

    MMG – cars unders floor ; [26/10/2014 19:10] (sec+0011-0005);46612.6;559.594;-18777.5
    MMG não há teto do toldo ; [26/10/2014 19:11] (sec+0011-0005);46619;558.448;-18804.9
    MMG car run through rock ; [26/10/2014 19:16] (sec+0011-0005);46306.9;720.995;-19558.1
    MMG posts light very close ; [26/10/2014 19:26] (sec+0011-0006);47164;447.075;-22662.6
    MMG Vegetation quality and flying ; [26/10/2014 20:54] (sec+0011-0006);47547.8;440.21;-23116.8
    MMG logo over logo ; [26/10/2014 21:02] (sec+0011-0006);47160.7;456.496;-22645.1
    MMG unreal suspence vegetation ; [26/10/2014 21:13] (sec+0011-0006);47660.5;415.925;-23257.8
    MMH GPS X signpost limit sign 110km ; [26/10/2014 21:21] (sec+0012-0007);50363.9;48.2039;-24728.8
    MMG GPX X signpost limit sign 110 km ; [26/10/2014 21:26] (sec+0013-0006);52543.3;227.222;-21907.6

    a usual problem: The speed limit to truck showed in Route Advisor, usually, is not the same showed by signpost in the map.

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