Mod Alloy Wheels V.1.1


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The model has been tested on all tractors game except brake calipers , and only compatible on Scania RT RJL …
the Mod and compatile with 1.22.x be tested previous versions .
This mod has priority over all other



15 thoughts on “Mod Alloy Wheels V.1.1

  1. Karina-Moskva


  2. Thanks 😛 They look awesome on my Daf XF.

  3. noelasegg


  4. ####. NO truck could ever drive on these. I will NEVER understand why people would like this unrealistic bullshit. There’s a reason trucks have these massive steel and really massive alcoa rims.

    Mod this into Street Legal Racing Redline or some NFS and it’ll be great, but totally in the wrong place here.

    1. darnellm09

      Well I’ll say this, no not a fleet truck would run rims like this cause for one the company ain’t gonna spring for the price for a set of these, but here in US, I’ve seen PLENTY of big rigs with fancy rims like these, so 1st off, talk what you KNOW ###…….there are trucks here in the US out there hauling every #### day on rims like these so get your facts straight.

      1. 144Peerk145

        Bro shut up , dont talk if u dont know rims , in EU Trucks can’t have wheels they want , because we have norm of sound that wheels make on floor , and a load per chassis , so go learn truck before opening your shitting mouth

    2. mikehackenbacker

      if you dont like dont download,you can always make your own instead of complaining about other peoples work

    3. Troll! If you do not like it, then DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT! There are other people than you in this world and they are allowed to have their own opinions than yours!

    4. cory berken

      you dont need to get all pissy over a mod but the fun part about a mod is to have fun with it not criticize whats wrong with it and if you are going to criticize this mod you minus well go criticize all the other mods out there

  5. Лог красный!
    Log red!

  6. mikehackenbacker

    i for one like the work that has been put in to this mod

    1. Yea 🙂 im glad about this mod too. Awesome wheels.

  7. volvo man

    This game is truck simulator !!! Go and play nfs or gta or grid !!!!!!

  8. hello .. this is a game , not reale..ognuno of us does what he wants on his truck game … in fact this model of success and went to several users that year enjoyed my mod …. if I do not like do not download , I repeat not , and reality is all a simulation game

  9. dose this mod work on 1.30

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