Mod “Oversized Cargo” v 1.0 [1.30] for the Map “Russian Expanses”

In the fashion three routes for special transport in different parts of the map are laid.

In the fashion there are 5 non-default cargo. Two Excavators, a Motobus, a Crane and a Trolleybus.

The escort vehicles are made from models taken from the map.
Models of the models: Gricko, kosa6414, Jazzycat

Installation procedure:

– Mod should have high priority in the list of modifications.
– For normal driving in the north, you need a mod “High speed in the snow.”
– To run this modification, you must have:
The version of the map “Russian open spaces” [“Russian Open Spaces”] v5.2
“DLC OVERSIZE” (Special Transport)!

Game version: 1.30.х

Author: MOROZOV (Pavel)


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2 thoughts on “Mod “Oversized Cargo” v 1.0 [1.30] for the Map “Russian Expanses”

  1. Thanks but where do we have the possibility to get this special transport?

    1. It’s a DLC, you need to buy it.

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