Mod Trailer Fuel Cistern Standalone


Tested on 1.18 – 1.19 versions.

COBRA_G, SCS Software and matdom1988


15 Responses to Mod Trailer Fuel Cistern Standalone

  1. Apferreira Truckman says:

    I get the impression that you “forgot” to mention that used my template to perform this mod …

  2. Gary Senker says:

    Lets hope its bug free unlike the pack Matdom posted a few days ago.

  3. zufall says:

    1.19 versions.???
    no manifest.sii, no mod_description.txt, no *.jpg
    is not for version 1.19.x
    Sorry for my englisch

    • Piratxxx11 says:

      Stupid menifest, stupid jpg…this is only for stupid people..mods work without this..ok kid??? Learn to moding…… 😀

      • maddison says:

        Jep, thats because SCS makes all this, because its all stupid.

      • Faelandaea says:

        You may want to try speaking in a comprehensible sentence – or at least part of one – before you go around calling people “stupid”. You just let your own door hit you with that one.

        The point some folks were trying to make, which will go completely over your head because you have no communication skills at all (in fact you will only read the first sentence of this post and start freaking out and posting your obviously angry response), is that if people wish to continue modding a game, they should bring themselves up to speed with the new standards of the game. Games progress and they change. The fact that you have deep fear in your heart and are so afraid of change, well, it says a lot about you.

        Modder – thanks for the mod – already added this to my own mod and painted her in my fleet colors 🙂 She’s a nice tanker.

  4. Theosz says:

    it is soooo \hard\ to put these 3 stupid and \big\ files. XD.

    Important is the mod have NO errors and warnings in game.log.txt.

    When player manage the mod in this new feature in SCS (I don’t like either, but….) will disturb and confuse him if have not these informations.

    I think a real great modder will avoid these issues for the wellbeing of the ETS community.

    • Faelandaea says:

      Yeah. What the people above are trying to say are they are too lazy to do a set of files that takes a total of 15 seconds (not a figure of speech – all can be done in 15 seconds) and toss em in with the mod so folks can easily find the mod. Of course these are the same kids that get a thrill out of putting as many zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz’s onto a mod file as possible even though they KNOW it no longer functions that way LOL.

  5. Floris says:

    Link broke

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