Modfied Sawmill (1.20)

Modfied-Sawmill-1 Modfied-Sawmill-2

– Added collision (volume) boards on the ground
– Increased the number of boards
– Removed the car with w / d paths deep in the sawmill
– Changed the sawmill DLC “Scandinavia”
– Compatible with all modes, including maps

Test version 1.20

Authors: Cristinel, МОРОЗОВ


5 Responses to Modfied Sawmill (1.20)

  1. Theosz says:

    TY…TY for updating.

    I can play again

  2. mkettu31 says:

    i dont see this in my game wich is latest 1.20.1

  3. EvgenKo423 says:

    Please update for 1.23 and higher. The prefab was changed and now it’s disconnected with the road (road advisor can’t calculate the route).

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