Modified camera-Passenger camera


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This mod changes the default position of the camera.

Camera 4 – pushed forward to set in place on the tuning elements do not interfere. It has long been using this camera, if necessary, to see farther when overtaking column.

Camera 5 – the view from the passenger seat. In, general, then – has no practical significance, but, sometimes, it is interesting to observe yourself from the outside. If, for one – it is not necessary, in the archive to be removed on the way def \ camera \ units file window_basic.sii, and located at the very top of the list, 5window_basic.sii erase 5 is rename the default ‘camera.

Camera 6 – raised the level of the bumper to the top of the front of the grid. Very convenient for those who have little weak iron. If the game starts to slow down (falls FPS), you can continue to move by switching to this camera. Then the load on videokrtu significantly less. I just, I like to consider the surrounding game world. The most interesting thing to make a video, and this mode is – once and allows you to see what lies ahead with a large enough viewing angle.

Author: vel800, dmitriy68.


3 thoughts on “Modified camera-Passenger camera

  1. alex du 77120

    gps mods please ?

  2. thanks, but i want to changes the values for the camera 4, What is his name? , topbasic.sii or tv_basic.sii ??

  3. I want this in .scs format to add in mod list. please post this file in .scs format. Thanks

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