Modified Peterbilt 389 v 1.4

Modified Peterbilt 389 (3) Modified Peterbilt 389 (2) Modified Peterbilt 389 (1)

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Version 1.4:
– Added new lowered chassis with round headlights
– Fixed the light mask in new type headlights

Thing to do and future plans:
– Tweaking def’s
– Own wheels
– More parts

Authors: maxx2504, viper2, zanko


19 thoughts on “Modified Peterbilt 389 v 1.4

  1. I keep making a request but no answer. Awesome work your doing but can we get a day cab option. The round headlights are a great addition. A++

    1. cuz i did not uploaded it here, requests only in offical forums thread.
      I’m working on daycab option, but for me, a person with no 3d modeling skills its not that easy, so i don’t know if it comes

  2. titan_estrada

    mmmm add cabine rack…and more skins

  3. Dragster94

    Encore et encore merci pour votre travail et les options du 389.

    1. ForestProducts

      yes very good with the options that come with this truck. thank you to the delevopers that made this mod

  4. Great job, but Can we get gearbox info on thedashboard please ???

  5. King Of The Road New Version :))

    Video :

  6. btw Authors: maxx2504, viper2, zanko …. who is zanko ??? never heard of him ?!?
    and who does allways the upload here, this mod is a Work In Progress, thats the reason i only published it in the offical forums, so people can make request, can report bugs or give help.
    So it would be nice if you can ask me before you do this 🙂

  7. JustTrucker

    Hello everybody, this mod is pretty cool but please add gps to dashboard or add like addon. Thanks authors for their great work.

  8. this is a great mod, but it has one problem !! the truck does not do well with heavy loads over 60tons and with some loads it does not turn well.

  9. in the next update make a long and low frame!! something like 290WB!! thanks

  10. Shows many errors in my game; is this normal?

  11. Czech driver

    ####, many, many errors !!!
    I have got legal ETS2, v1.19.2.1

  12. where do i go to get the truck from the dealer.

  13. MorelyQC92

    hi great mod but when you want to turn with the axle down he do not turn i think the wheels is too down. bonjour beau mod mais quand l’essieu est descendu ca ne tourne pas je croit qu ela roue est trop basse! merci thanks

  14. it doesnt load. any help?

  15. mathew ayers

    I have this mod, it all working fine but i have a issue with the optional rear power axle, i am currently pulling a Leopard 2A5 tank from Military Cargo by JazzyCat, if i have it installed it raises the front axle so that the steering doesn’t work, is there anyway to stop this happening

  16. Cant find it anywhere please help!

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