Modified Route Advisor & small Mirrors 1.34 v 1.1

v1.1: Fixed crash when press F7.
Thank you all. 😉

Route Advisor & Small Mirrors
ETS2 & ATS 1.34
Main mod by Xebekzs’s & Hemil’s
Updated by Jorge Nitales

Jorge Nitales, Xebekzs, Hemil


8 thoughts on “Modified Route Advisor & small Mirrors 1.34 v 1.1

  1. thank you for the fix jorge nitales ^^

  2. you are a thief

    1. That´s right. You will find the Original on Steam Workshop. 😉

  3. wait, why is it different looks with the non fixed version?
    i mean its working now, but the old one was better look

  4. Jorge Nitales

    You know what means “modified” and “updated”?
    Poor brains….

    1. Jorge Nitales

      And you can’t see small mirrors..different?
      I’ts easy to talk

      1. Yes, like i said before mirror smoller i like it 😀
        Can u make the mesage box on top like the old one? 😀

  5. UltraMove

    Thanks for this mod. Would it be possible not to have the speed limit for minimalistic view and no second line? I have already it on the truck’s GPS.

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